Hamburg, Germany

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We walked off the train knowing nothing about Hamburg, except for the fact that during the summer they have clear balls that people can go in to run across the lake with. We went straight to the information center to find a map then hit the streets, we wandered past the closed stores until we finally saw the lake. It was a lot grander than we were expecting, it had a water fountain in the center with a bridge to the right and the city to the left. We meandered along the bank admiring the swans and trying to get as close as possible without getting bitten, passing many local musicians we leisurely strolled along the bank until we hit the cathedral. There we found some cool canals with multiple cafes lining the sides. It’s hard to discover and fully experience a city on a Sunday because everything in closed, but it was great to wander the streets and see the sights. While wandering we just walked and talked about all sorts of things, like where we’ll live when we’re older and all of the things we want to do. Just when the sun was starting to set we were heading back to the train station when we saw a rainbow, one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen!


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