Copenhagen, Denmark

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After a long, stressful week of late nights and studying for my Management Final and German quiz, I couldn’t have been happier that it was Friday and we were headed to Copenhagen for the weekend. I had seen pictures of Nyhavn and was so excited to finally see the cute, colorful canal in person. We took the 10:30 night train from Cologne, this time we were in a six person room with three other girls. While the temperature was much better than our first night train experience, it was not a comfortable night’s sleep. The chairs were upright with no leg room, my neck and back were killing! Luckily we arrived in Copenhagen at 10am, got off and headed to our Hostel. We quickly checked in then decided that after seeing the lockers we’d be better off just carrying our packs with us all day, so backpacks in tow we headed to the castle to see the changing of the guards. In Denmark the changing of the guards takes place everyday, the guards start near the church then walk the streets to the castle. We saw them get positioned near a beautiful park, so we watched them for a little bit then decided to explore the park. I’ve never seen brighter leaves or fuller trees, we both agreed that fall in Europe is unbeatable. We then made our way passing many sights to the castle where we were surprised at the huge crowd that had gathered for the changing of the guards. We got a front row spot, and watched as the guards walked right along us, literally arms length, with their huge guns in tow. A little scary at first, but very cool to see the men and their uniforms up close. A local woman explained that typically they sing as they march, but unfortunately the Queen wasn’t home so they didn’t. We both were shocked how relaxed the royal family is there, no gates or anything blocking the public out of their castle. From there we walked along the coast, past an old church and through little canals to see the little mermaid statue. It was packed! After waiting awhile we were finally able to get our picture then continue plowing along. We decided to walk to Nyhavn, it was even better than the photos. All of the house in different pinks, yellows, oranges, it was unbelievable. Such a cheerful, inviting canal. It was so good to be amongst water, docks and boats again. From there we walked to the main station and caught our train to Sweden, read next blog post for that little day trip!

After returning from Sweden we went to Trivoli gardens, but were disappointed to see that there was a fee to enter. By that point our should so stiff and we were cold, so we decided to go back to the hostel. On our way back to our hostel we discovered the most amazing market, a combination of pike place meets met market. Tons of different booths with incredible foods, and testers! We decided to treat ourselves to mini apple pies, and headed back to the hostel to enjoy them. We walked into our room to find older people, very weird and not normally something you see at a hostel! We refreshed quickly then went to the lobby to enjoy some wine and our pies, which we heavenly, before stepping out the explore the main shopping street. We were surprised to see that by 7pm all of the stores were closed, but it was still fun to take the city in at night. That night we met up with a friend who’s studying there, we went to a great bar to start. The bar was packed with an older crowd, played 80’s, was decorated with the signature Denmark candles décor, and it was happy hour! We all shared travel stories before heading to an all the beer you can drink club, that played as you can probably guess all of the oldies but goodies as we like to call them. We had a great time, but were exhausted from a long and busy day.

The next day we woke up to discover we’d done just about everything we had hopped to do, so we hopped on our train and headed back. The train ride back was great, at one point the train took a ferry across the sea so we all got off and got to enjoy the view from the deck. We then decided to spend some time in Hamburg . . .


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