Brussels, Belgium

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With less than 12 hours in between trips we unpacked, did laundry, repacked, slept and were back on the road again. This time to Brussels where we went to tour the headquarters of the EU. We sat through a semi-interesting, but mostly long lecture in a classroom all about the purpose of the EU and didn’t even get to see the impressive rooms where negotiations and meetings were held. Needless to say we were all excited when the presentation was over and we were sent to explore the city. Brussels is known for it’s waffles and French fries, so we all explored to taste test the two delicacies. I will say they were no, but don’t compare to my momma’s cooking! We explored the many chocolate stores and strolled through the main center, where in the summer hundreds of flowers are put there to create vivid displays. We then went on a walking tour of a local park, got a great view of the city and saw the famous statute which turned out to be less than a foot tall and very funny to see. It was a dark, drizzly day that made me miss home and think of Seattle, but I still enjoyed seeing the city. It was a quick trip, but enough time to cover the sites then hop on the bus to enjoy our chocolates and sleep until we reached Bruges!


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