Bruges, Belgium

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Here’s a fun fact, there is also a Brugges, France that I looked up the weather for instead… that was a woops! Turns out it wasn’t 60’s and sunny but rather 30’s and pouring down rain! We rain from our bus into our boat hotel and got settled into our adorable, cozy cabins complete with life vests and all. We then had our group dinner in a great restaurant on the main square, where we enjoyed ribs wine and dessert! From there we went to find a bar but had trouble finding one in quiet, little Bruges; however, we ended finding a hidden gem of a bar in the corner with bright neon markers advertising 1 euro beer- sold! The group went there, socialized then attempted to find our way home. One little problem, none of us could quiet remember how to get back! An hour after sight seeing the town, we finally made it back!

The next day we woke up early to a full breakfast with . . . eggs! It was going to be a good day, we then went for a short walk through town passing a kids festival with rock climbing walls, boxing and much more! We made our way to the bike store where I was put on a kids bike, we then rode through the town stopping everyone and then for photos or for a story. It was a great town, lots of old colorful buildings situated between cobble stone roads and curving canals. It was something out of a postcard, the calm of the morning was beautiful and we all enjoyed the water reflections from the canals. After riding in the town, we rode out to the country side passing windmills until we reached a dirt road . . . and here is where the day went downhill real quick. Turns out my bike’s dirt catcher wasn’t installed properly so as I was peddling along mud was splattering all up along my left side, all over! If that wasn’t enough my gears broke, so I was stuck in the easiest gear peddling my heart out but going nowhere. That was fun! Luckily the scenery, horses and cows distracted from the discomfort of the bike. We finally reached the country side town where we settled into a pub for some hot chocolate, that because we were in Belgium was absolutely delicious; thick, creamy, warm and with a biscuit . . . yum! From there was grabbed some lunch said goodbye to Bruges and hit the road for Paris!


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