Budapest, Hungary

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We had just emailed our teacher saying that we wouldn’t be able to make it to our Media Ethics class the next day, our bags were packed and we headed to the Hauptbanhof to catch our night train to find that our train was running 25 minutes late- nothing a little bottle of wine can’t fix! When the train eventually arrived we hopped on board to find that we were supposed to make a seat reservation, woops! That didn’t stop us, we met a nice German lady who found us seats in the night cabin. We settled into our seats in the pitch black, got comfortable and tried to sleep except for the fact that the cabin was absolutely, can’t feel your toes, if the light was on would’ve been able to see my breath, freezing! It was the longest, most uncomfortable seven hours of my life. We eventually made it to Munich where we switched trains and slept until we arrived in Budapest at 3pm. We got off the train, exchanged our euros into Hungarian Huffs, bought our Hop-on-Hop-off bus tickets, and trekked half an hour to our hostel. We arrived to find the hole in the wall Retox party hostel, aka the dirtiest and craziest hostel ever! We were checked in by a lady name “mctitties” who let everyone know that her nickname was fitting for her physic, she then led us to our room where our unmade beds were waiting for us. She kindly apologized saying that she hadn’t had time getting around to cleaning the sheets yet because she had been up to six am partying the night before at their all you can drink event. Needless to say, this hostel was definitely out of my comfort zone and made me homesick. Regardless, we immediately dropped our bags off, crossed our fingers that clean sheets would be waiting for us when we returned, and took off to discover the city and most importantly hunt down food. We walked around near the opera building and found a great little pizza place that be came to be regulars at, with their delicious 4 euro pizzas it was too good to resist. That night we decided to go on the hostel boat ride that night, seeing the parliament and multiple significant buildings at night was beautiful. It was great way to see the historical sights all lit up at night, a perfect way to tour Budapest!

The next day we woke up, and took the bus around the city listening to our headsets and learning all about the famous mathematicians and musicians bred in Budapest. We got off at the Castle District were we saw sweeping views of the city, walked around the castle, and discovered fisherman’s bastion. It was a beautiful church with a castle surrounding, definitely one of my favorite views from the trip. From there we walked the along the river and across the chain bridge. We then returned to the pizza place, where the staff recognized us from the night before and started preparing our pizzas. We ate outside, while overhearing the sounds of the opera musicians practicing inside. From there we went to see the famous Budapest baths! We chose one that had eighteen baths and I’m proud to say that I believe we visited all of them! My favorite were the outside baths, it was great to finally take a moment and relax after all of the go-going. After spending a few hours in the baths, we reluctantly returned back to our hostel for a pub crawl. At the pub crawl we met up with Hanna, Amanda and Emma; I couldn’t have been happier to see them and had a great time with them. For some reason being in a foreign country makes you so much more excited to see friends. We toured many ruin bars, however I was little disappointed because in my mind I pictured a ruin bar to be more distinct and historical because communist leaders used to use those buildings to conduct meetings. The bars were still fully decorated, and had multiple rooms, as well as packed with Hungarians and tourists alike.

The next morning we woke up at 5:40, and hopped on our early morning train back to Bonn! While we didn’t have much time in Budapest I’m glad that we got to travel there and experience the city. It was less foreign than I was expecting from an eastern country. There was a greater language barrier there and the language was incredibly difficult due to the abundance of z’s in all of their words. It was also one of the first places that I’ve been where I felt as though we looked significantly different from the people there, I can’t describe how but I’d say through a combination of features and dress. It was another great weekend, and someplace that I really enjoyed visiting.


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