Luck of the Irish!

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We arrived in Dublin to see the beautiful greenery and coastal ports, excited and ready to explore we hopped on the plane and caught a bus into town. We arrived at our hostel to find out that our reservations had been mixed up, woops! That didn’t stop us, we ended up finding in a decent-enough area dropped our stuff off then set up for the evening. We ended up at some girls apartment that were studying it Dublin, it was cool place with tons of people including someone from the harbor! Just goes to show what a small world it is, we all hung out talking about where we’re studying and have been traveling to before hitting up the pubs! We first went to Whelans, a great irish pub full of people and playing great music. We then went to Flannerys, a huge pub with two levels complete with a beer garden and multiple rooms. It was a great place and we all had a good time there that night. The next morning we woke up early in hopes of taking a tour out to see the Cliffs of Moher, a place that I’ve been so incredibly excited to visit. Much to our disappointment we had missed the tours by about half an hour. That didn’t stop us though, we were determined to experience the Irish coastal and countryside. We found a local bus that would take us and booked our hostel, problem averted! Before leaving Galway we toured the Guinness factor complete with a tasting room and poured the perfect pint of Guinness, it was an awesome tour! From there we walked around the temple bar area, saw more sites then caught our bus to Galway. We got in checked into our hostel, then started exploring the streets. We settled on having a real meal at an authentic Irish pub where we were served potatoes in three different ways along with our main course. It was definitely interesting to say the least, they sure love their potatoes and gravy there! After that we went to some of the live pubs to check out the live bands, more like elderly people playing their instruments and people singing along. It was very festive walking along the streets and hearing all the sounds from the pubs. The main street was my favorite, with flags hanging overhead and cute stores lining the street it was as if it were out of a movie.

The next day we woke up early to a thick layer of fog, we decided to continue exploring Galway and the harbor then I decided to go for the bike ride. I rented a bike from a local store then with map in hand biked to along the canal out and up the coast. It was beautiful, the fog rose and view was incredible. Miles of greenery along the coast, it was great day and I was so happy that I could experience some of the famous Irish sea cliffs. After the bike ride we boarded our bus, hopped on our flight, which thanks again to Ryan Air flew into an oddball airport in the middle of nowhere. Where we then took a bus back to cologne at 3am then taxied home. A lot of traveling in two days, but it was worth it and a great experience overall. While we may not have had the luck of the Irish we learned a lot and I’m still grateful for the experience. Also, never ever fly Ryan Air…


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