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We left Friday straight after call to find that our train was late and that we’d miss all of our connecting trains. Oh well! Lucky for us we were so excited that we didn’t care, it was Friday we had wine and were headed to Oktoberfest! It took awhile and we were squished in trains, complete with couples enjoying kegs of beer complete with tablecloths and glass mugs, but we finally made it to Munich. We purchased our dirndls in the train station, and then scurried to the bathroom to change before setting out to find our hostel. We thought we knew exactly where we were going but went in a circle again, after a second attempt we made it! We checked into our rooms, then set out to explore Oktoberfest. We walked through the booths of cookies, food and beer tents soaking in all of the lederhosen, rides, lights and the drunkies! We had so much fun taking it all in that we didn’t realize we’d gotten disorientated and spent the next hour trying to figure out the direction of our hostel, while doing so the food stand employees felt so bad for us they gave us free nuts! We finally made it back to our hostel and got into bed, we sneaked Lisa in and thought everything was smooth sailing from there until a security guard barged in around 1 o’clock, with a flash night in hand and asked her to leave- Excuse me, but do you mind not barging in our all girls room! It was so creepy and in our tiredness awakening we just went back to sleep.

The next morning we woke up around 6:30, indulged in scrambled eggs and left for the tents at 7 with champagne in tow! We stood in line until 9, when all the sudden the tent operators started blowing their whistles and shouting directions at us. I felt like a cow being herded, but regardless we made it into the tent and found a table. Within minutes we had a dirndl-wearing waitress carrying at least 10 steins bringing us beer. We sat enjoying the people watching and seeing the tent fill up with masses amounts of people, eventually we saw the first man stand on the table and chug his stein. The tent exploded, and others continued to follow throughout the day. Hanna and I mingled with Germans, one if particular who wished to marry her and continued to call her his wife throughout the conversation. In the meantime a live band played and we soaked it all in, it was great. I wish I could tell you where the time went but after two and a half steins the memory gets a little fuzzy… I can tell you that they had some of the biggest pretzels I have ever seen though, and it was a great time! We didn’t last long though, by 4pm I was back at the hostel for naptime! And let me tell you… it was a long naptime, I couldn’t rally for that night. I felt as though  was on my death bed, it was that bad.

The next day Lisa and I woke up early and caught a train to my Aunt Nancy’s house, after a long weekend at Oktoberfest it was the perfect place to go. My uncle Justin and cousin Jennifer were at the train station waiting for us when we arrived, we then went to their house where when we walked in the door one of the first questions my aunt asked was if we wanted to shower. Did we ever! In the meantime my Omi came over; we decided to surprise her with my arrival so I opened the door when she came. She was so surprised, saying oh my nerves! I think we got her pretty good. From there we went to a delicious local café where we got omelets and caught up with one another. It was so nice being with family again and spending a regular Sunday together. We then went back to their house and decided to go on a hike up the hill, it was beautiful walking through the fall foliage and nice to get outdoors after being at Oktoberfest. We stopped at the gelato place to get one last ice cream before it closes for the winter. We then returned to my aunt’s house to find my Dad and Pam had arrived. It was great seeing them, we all headed off to a local winery. It was a great place complete with birds, fall decorations and a cozy atmosphere; there we all shared stories from the past few weeks. Seeing them and all being together was so special, definitely a highlight from the weekend. We then headed back to the house where my cousin helped us study our German, and boy did we need it! She spent most of the time giggling at our poor grammar and pronunciation. That evening we had a great, cook it yourself feast! The perfect Sunday night dinner, unfortunately we had to leave after and head back to Bonn because we had a German Midterm! All in all it was a great weekend, definitely soaked up the German culture and loved every minute of it.


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